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The subject of medical marijuana has been much debated and is quite a controversial topic in Florida. Those who have not taken the time to read the scientific studies or do a significant amount of research simply don’t have the information to make an educated decision. Of course, a lot of people state that smoking of any kind is harmful to a person’s health however; alleviating the pain and other detrimental symptoms associated with life threatening diseases very well might be worth the risk. The truth is that as Florida citizens, we’ve been indoctrinated to look at cannabis as a bad thing that should never be legal but in all reality, it’s been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. More people die in FL every year through the use of prescription medications than by using cannabis.

Medical marijuana is the perfect alternative to dangerous pain medications. Many pain medicines are so strong that they can cause a person to become unable to work or function normally. For those in severe pain, these medications may not work therefore; doctors prescribe pain relief through intravenous drips. This can also cause the patient to cease enjoying life however; medical marijuana can help with pain management without causing the patients to spend their lives in bed. A medical marijuana law in FL would surely help a lot of residents live better lives.
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