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Medical Marijuana for AIDS Patients in Palm Beach County

Those in West Palm Beach who have tested positive for HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) are constantly concerned about it resulting in full blown AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). With these devastating diagnoses comes many symptoms and complications associated AIDS. Of course, there are medications that scientists and physicians believe can help manage the symptoms of AIDS. Unfortunately, not all AIDS patients believe that the drugs meant to manage their symptoms work. After all, they should be the true judges of this. Those suffering from AIDS in states that have legalized the use of medical marijuana have found that it helps with the symptoms they endure with this horrific disease. Fortunately, Palm Beach County voters will have the choice whether or not to allow the use of medical marijuana in the General Election held in November of 2014.

Medical Cannabis for AIDS in West Palm Beach 

It’s amazing that people don’t realize that Florida is number two in the nation for cases of HIV, and ranked at number three for cases of AIDS. In fact, about one hundred and thirty thousand people in FL are living with HIV and one hundred thirty thousand patients living with AIDS. When a logical person actually ponders these numbers, they would agree that this is a lot of people living with HIV or AIDS. Although traditional prescription medications can help with some of the symptoms, patients in states that have legalized medical marijuana have found that smoking cannabis had better results. Passing the medical marijuana law in FL would be very helpful for patients suffering from HIV and AIDS.

Palm Beach County Medical Weed for Increased Appetite in AIDS Patients

Because of the way that HIV and AIDS attack the body, Palm Beach County patients experience anorexia. This is very common with AIDS patients. The AIDS patient simply loses his or her appetite, or the medications cause them to vomit their food. This is the truth behind the affliction. In all honesty, there is no oral medication that can actually improve the appetites of AIDS patients in FL. The only means to do so is with the use of medical marijuana. With a medical marijuana law passing in FL, Aids patients will be able to use medicinal cannabis to enhance their appetites. This will give them the ability to maintain and possibly gain weight for better health.

AIDS and Medical Marijuana in West Palm Beach

There have been numerous studies done all over the world on the benefits of smoking cannabis in AIDS patients. It has been found to control vomiting and nausea, as well as enhance appetite and sleep. Some studies believe that medicinal cannabis also helps alleviate the itchy skin sensation suffered by AIDS patients. The people of West Palm Beach will decide the fate of medical marijuana in November of 2014.

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