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Medical Marijuana for Cancer Victims in Orange County

Anytime that a person hears the word “cancer’, their eyes widen and they seem to be taken aback. In all honesty, cancer is a scary thing and oftentimes, fatal. Fortunately, many cancers are controlled with chemotherapy and radiation however; the side effects of the drugs and radiation can be brutal on the human body. This is one of the reasons that the State of Florida is considering legalizing the use of prescribed medical marijuana for cancer victims. There are a host of benefits for cancer victims using medical marijuana, and in  Orlando, hopefully they can find some relief to their conditions with prescribed cannabis in the near future.

Slowing Tumor Growth with Medical Weed in Orlando

Should the Florida legislature pass the bill allowing patients access to medical marijuana, many cancer patients would benefit. There have been clinical studies done that have proven that cannabis used by patients with lung cancer and brain cancer can slow the growth of those tumors. Other than chemotherapy and radiation, no other treatments other than medicinal cannabis can do so. Tumors in the brain and lungs spread quite rapidly therefore; medical marijuana could drastically extend the life of cancer patients in Orlando.

Orange County Medical Cannabis for Pain Relief of Cancer Patients

Let’s face it! Cancer is not a very pretty thing and it is quite painful for the patient. Considering the vast number of drugs that cancer patients must take to fight off progression, adding medication of pain can be problematic, if not dangerous. Because the pain involved with cancer can be terribly intense, it also creates trouble sleeping for the patients. Sleep is essential to battling cancer. Without enough rest, the body will be unable to fight the cancer. If FL lets cancer patients use medical marijuana, pain management will be made much easier.

Relieving Dizziness with Medical Marijuana in Orlando

Few people realize that chemo and radiation can cause the patients to experience dizziness. These treatments also inhibit the eyes’ ability to focus normally. Essentially both dizziness and lack of focus can cause the cancer patient to become nauseous. Of course, nausea leads to vomiting, and causes loss of appetite and eventually, weight. It’s been proven that medical marijuana can help alleviate the Orlando cancer patient’s dizziness and improve the ability to focus. In the long run, medical marijuana would also decrease nausea and vomiting and would enhance the patient’s appetite. The ability to consume proper nourishment is very important for a person fighting cancer in Orange County. The lack of nutrition will cause the body to become even more susceptible to other illnesses and diseases. Passing the law allowing those suffering with cancer in Florida to use medical marijuana would be a godsend for many ailing people.

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    I am a Cancer Patient I have Cronic Meyloid Leukemia,and Take Chemo everyday and will need a Medical Marijuana card ASAP

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