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Medical Marijuana for Glaucoma in Monroe County

medical-marijuana-glaucomaGlaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness throughout the world’s population. In all reality, somewhere around sixty million people suffer from this life altering disease globally. Glaucoma causes the intraocular pressure to rise hence; it results in severe damage to the optic nerve. Those suffering with glaucoma but do not have an elevated intraocular pressure level still have the potential to lose their ability to see. Medical marijuana for glaucoma patients in Key West can help to stop the progress and even reverse damages caused by glaucoma. A new Florida medical marijuana law would be a big relief for those who are suffering from glaucoma. Fortunately, there is a possibility that medical marijuana for glaucoma will be available soon in the state of FL.

Key West Medical Marijuana for Glaucoma Patients

There are a variety of eye diseases that are categorized as glaucoma. When the optic nerve begins to degenerate, the person begins to realize loss in vision and will eventually suffer from complete blindness. Even some very young children can be diagnosed with glaucoma. Using medical marijuana for glaucoma will be truly beneficial for many Monroe County residents with this horrible affliction. Monroe County medical marijuana patients can expect to see a significantly lower intraocular pressure therefore; decreasing the pain and progression associated with the disease. Passing a new law approving medical marijuana for glaucoma will help many patients lead a more comfortable life.

The Truth about Lowering IOP with Medical Marijuana in Key West

There are many people who are downright opposed to legalizing medical marijuana for glaucoma in Florida. More than likely, these people are not dealing with this disease and nor are their loved ones. They have no clue as to the pain involved with glaucoma, or the relief that medical marijuana can provide to Key West patients. In all reality, the intraocular pressure can be reduced by eighty percent or more with the use of medical marijuana. If even half of people in FL suffering from glaucoma see relief, it makes no sense to argue about it. Everyone in Monroe County should be able to live a comfortable life, and if medical marijuana for glaucoma helps, it makes perfect sense to use it as a treatment for glaucoma, should the bill pass.

Getting Medical Marijuana for Glaucoma in Monroe County

It will be necessary to have a physician who is licensed to practice medicine in the State of Florida to provide glaucoma patients with prescriptions for medical marijuana. This will be the only legal means of managing glaucoma with cannabis. Without a bona fide prescription, the person is open to legal penalties regardless of whether they feel they need the cannabis was for medicinal purposes or not. Should medical marijuana for glaucoma become legal in Florida, patients will need to seek the help of a qualified physician. He will then be able to provide those glaucoma patients who will truly benefit from medical marijuana with a prescription for medicinal cannabis.

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