Benefits of Medical Marijuana

The Benefits of Medical Weed in Jacksonville

The subject of medical marijuana has been much debated and is quite a controversial topic in Florida. Those who have not taken the time to read the scientific studies or do a significant amount of research simply don’t have the information to make an educated decision. Of course, a lot of people state that smoking of any kind is harmful to a person’s health however; alleviating the pain and other detrimental symptoms associated with life threatening diseases very well might be worth the risk. The truth is that as Florida citizens, we’ve been indoctrinated to look at cannabis as a bad thing that should never be legal but in all reality, it’s been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. More people die in Duval County every year through the use of prescription medications than by using cannabis.

Shrinking Tumors with Duval County Medical Cannabis

There are many doctors who have found that medicinal cannabis can help to shrink the size of tumors in patients. Some have even seen tumors completely disappear and metastasis vanish. Medical marijuana in FL would truly help people with tumors have a shot at getting better.

Medical Weed for Mood Disorders in Jacksonville

Thousands of people in FL have been diagnosed with some sort of mood disorder or another. There have been many studies done proving that medical marijuana offers better results for mood disorder patients than medications from traditional pharmaceutical companies. Cannabis is a better option, especially for those who have experienced suicidal thoughts from time to time.

Managing Pain with Medical Marijuana in Duval County

Medical marijuana is the perfect alternative to dangerous pain medications. Many pain medicines are so strong that they can cause a person to become unable to work or function normally. For those in severe pain, these medications may not work therefore; doctors prescribe pain relief through intravenous drips. This can also cause the patient to cease enjoying life however; medical marijuana can help with pain management without causing the patients to spend their lives in bed. A medical marijuana law in FL would surely help a lot of residents live better lives.

Medical Marijuana for Multiple Sclerosis in Duval County - Jacksonville

Those diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in FL suffer from a myriad of symptoms that are currently managed with a cocktail of drugs. Unfortunately, many of these drugs have side effects such as nausea and anorexia. These side effects can be managed quite safely with medical marijuana, should the medical marijuana law pass in Duval County - Jacksonville.

PTSD and Medical Cannabis

There are quite a large number of people in Duval County - Jacksonville who have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Naturally, there are a number of pharmaceuticals that can help however; studies have shown that the use of medical marijuana is much more beneficial than traditional medicines.

Medical Marijuana and Seizures

Epilepsy can be a difficult condition to manage however; there are some patients who do nicely on traditional anti-seizure medicines. On the flip side, there are others who suffer from hundreds and thousands of seizures in a single week. This can make life horrible. There is significant proof that medical marijuana can control multiple grand mal seizures.

Duval County - Jacksonville Medical Marijuana Law

Currently, all cannabis is illegal in the State of Florida however; voters will have the option of legalizing medical marijuana in the November 2014 General Election. Whether or not the medical marijuana law in FL passes is belong left entirely up to the registered voters who take the time to vote in the election.

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  • Guest (Denise poteet)

    We need this.

    from St. Petersburg, FL, USA
  • Guest (Loretta)

    I don't understand what the big deal is or why they don't legalize it in every state , as a long time chronic pain sufferer , I can tell you that the pain meds does have effects on you medically, and it does Not help much with the pain, I have a rare crippling arthritis,Osteo arthritis,Fybromyalgia,Degenerative Disc Disease of the cervical,lumbar,as well as most all of my joints I have no cushion left because it's very progressed. It's now affecting my hips to, my right foot keeps trying to turn inward, have to get Euflexxa gel put into both knees because no cushion, when you have bone to bone going on thru your entire body it's VERY PAINFUL,not to mention the muscle spasms from Fybro. I have tried this in Colorado and the relief was amazing, I just wish these congressmen and senators could walk in my shoes for a week and experience it themselves just once. I'm sure if they could then they would understand why it's needed everywhere.

    from Gainesville, FL, USA
  • Guest (Loretta H)

    I wish all elected officials had to walk my shoes for just one week, I have Degenerative Disc Disease in most all joints as well as cervical and lumbar spine and it's now going into thoracic spine, I suffer daily deeply, I have no cushion behind knees ,hips,shoulders with rotator cuff tears in both right being worse then left, I have a rare crippling form of arthritis,Osteoarthritis,Fybromyalgia, and right foot keeps trying to turn inward, bone to bone isn't any fun and they can't do anything else for me except treat me with pain meds and muscle relaxers i can't take anyway.I have been dealing with this for 7 long, rough years, I have had numerous sleepless nights because the pain is so bad which pain meds don't last long. The pain is hard to describe other then feels like knifes cutting thru my body. So please i hope one day they will pass medical Canibus available everywhere.

    from Gainesville, FL, USA