Will It Be Hard to Get?

Will It Be Hard to Get Medical Marijuana in Tallahassee

The registered voters in the State of Florida will be voting as to whether or not to pass a new medical marijuana law. This vote will take place during the General Election in November of 2014. There have been a lot of polls taken regarding the potential passing of the medical marijuana law in FL, and the vast majority of the results show that it is highly probable the medicinal cannabis will be legalized. While it isn’t legal to use medical marijuana yet, it is more than likely that the way Leon County will handle patients seeking medicinal cannabis for their conditions will be similar to that of other states with medical marijuana laws.

The Approved Medical Marijuana Conditions List

Each and every state that has legalized cannabis for medicinal purposes has its own list of diseases and conditions that are approved for use. It seems that California has the longest list, boasting somewhere around two hundred conditions. Of course, many life threating diseases such as cancers, AIDS, leukemia and multiple sclerosis are on the list however; minimal maladies like tobacco addiction, insomnia and even writer’s cramp! It’s highly unlikely that FL will allow medical marijuana for maladies that can be managed with nicotine patches, Nyquil or Tylenol, those in dire need of relief should be able to get a prescription, provided their disease is on the approved list.

Managing Medical Records

Once a person recognizes that his or her condition is on the approved list, they will need to secure all of their medical records. Of course, the primary physician will have many of these records however; the patient will also need to obtain copies of any tests such as MRIs, CT scans and X-rays. Naturally, all surgical reports and documents proving treatments such as chemotherapy, physical therapy and chiropractic will also be needed. The medical records will need to be complete in order to prove that the patient has an approved condition.

Medical cannabis dispensaries in Tallahassee

Although we don’t know how FL will be handling prescription dispensation, most states require a patient to visit a specialized medical marijuana physician. This doctor will look over all of the medical records, as well as examine the patient. Should he feel that the patient would benefit from the use of medicinal cannabis, he will write a prescription and issue a medical marijuana card. Of course, this is all speculative of a potential medical marijuana law in FL, and based on how other medicinal cannabis laws work.

Cannabis centers in Tallahassee

Most states that have passed medical marijuana laws have special dispensaries for patients to get their medicinal cannabis. They offer many strains and varieties of cannabis. This is probably how it will work should the medical marijuana law be passed in November of 2014.

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    Will It Be Hard to Get Medical Marijuana? I hope medical marijuana will not be hard to get but as we know politicians can be hard to satisfy.