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Will Medical Cannabis Ever Be Legal in Fort Lauderdale

will-medical-marij-ever-legalThe people of the great State of Florida seem to be consistently flip flopping on the topic of the legalization of medical marijuana. This can be understandable when one considers that not all people have loved ones whose physicians suggested the go to states like Colorado for relief. Even the staunchest supporters of legalization of medical marijuana know that people will fall through the cracks leaving those who simply want to get high a “get out of jail free card”. No system is foolproof however; there are ways to help decrease the chance of drug addicts securing a medical weed prescription. The fear of having people high on weed wandering about their neighborhoods and towns is causing some people to plan to say no to the legalization of edible medical hemp in Broward County. People need to do a little research, and time some time to really ponder whether or not edible medical hemp should be allowed for those who medically need it in Florida.

Controlled Broward County Medical Marijuana

Many of the concerns that anti-medical marijuana people have in Fort Lauderdale can be addressed with simple control. Even pro-cannabis citizens believe that there must be stringent control once it is legalized for medicinal purposes. Some lawmakers have been talking about creating a system of checks to ensure the drug isn’t going to be abused. These checks include regular monitoring of doctors who prescribe medical marijuana, and cross referencing patients to be sure they don’t have several doctors prescribing the drug. There are numerous states that Florida’s legislature can look to and learn from regarding the control of medical marijuana.

Fort Lauderdale Marijuana Centers

For the most part, many suffering from debilitating illnesses or side effects of medical treatment can find relief through medical hemp edibles. These edibles do not have the same mind-altering effects as marijuana found on the streets. They also do not cause respiratory problems and lung cancer. Most states that allow patients to use medical marijuana offer a variety of medical hemp edibles in clinics however; medical hemp edibles are illegal to be sold. The clinics offer them to patients in lieu of a donation. With edibles, the medical weed is infused into the oils used to make the items. This allows for the patients to experience relief from pain, without becoming stoned.

Passing the Medical Marijuana Law in Fort Lauderdale

Although medical marijuana will be voted upon in November, it’s highly likely to be passed by the citizens’ votes. Even most lawmakers believe this will be overwhelmingly successful as courses for growing medical marijuana are already being offered in the state. It would be counterproductive to offer such courses in a state that doesn’t allow the use of medical marijuana. Several polls have been taken that show 73% to 78% of Floridians plan to approve cannabis for ailing patients in the upcoming election.

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